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Looking for distributors and agents in the field of medical product and home care

Hygie is actively looking for distributors and agents who are already well established in the medical and retail sales industry.

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Show us your interest!

Are you familiar with the field of infection prevention products in hospital and home care? If you are interested in joining a growing network of distributors and agents selected to develop our business, increase profit and gain local market share, fill out and send us the “Distributor/Agent Request” form. We’ll contact you shortly after receiving your information.

Advantages of Hygie’s Distributor/Agent Program.

High-performance products – Access to a full range of Hygie products, already well established in hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, specialized stores and pharmacies across Canada.

Brand image – Exclusive use of marketing and brand image material.

Training – Technical, sales and business development training by experts in the field.

Technical support – Dedicated support from our team of specialists.

Business development – Assistance in the elaboration of business plans and development of market strategies.

Commitment – Long-term commitment and support.

About Hygie
Founded in 2006, Hygie® is an innovative society who has, from its very beginning, helped control infections in hospital by developing, manufacturing and marketing specialized products. Well-established in Canada in more than 700 health care facilities and home care, the company now offers a full line of hygiene products for outdoor activities and travel. Hygie understands the acute needs of its customers and offers an innovative product line in the field of hygiene, designed to facilitate and simplify the life of its users. The society has distinguished itself from the competition with its hy21® patented technology, which consists of hygienic supports and bags designed to manage body fluids partly responsible for infection problems in hospitals. The company holds patents in 38 countries.

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