Vision and mission


Founded in 2006, Hygie® is an innovative company who has been developing, manufacturing and marketing specialized products to efficiently reduce the spread of bacteria, consequently, reduce the risk for infection in health care. We are well established in Canada, in more than 700 health care facilities and in home care. We now offer a full line of hygiene products for outdoor activities and travel. At Hygie Canada, we understand the acute needs of our customers. We offer a range of revolutionary products in the field of hygiene, designed to make life easier and simplier for all users.

Our company has distinguished itself from the competition with its patented Hy21® technology. Our products consist of Supports and Hygienic Covers® capable of managing body fluids that are partly responsible for nosocomial infections. Our Quebec based company holds patents in 38 countries and we are currently developing the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America markets while continuing to offer outstanding service and reliability to the Canadian market. 

Hygiena was the Greek goddess of health. Panacea, another daughter of Asclepius, symbolizes curative medicine. Asclepius and his daughters belong to the lineage of Apollo, god of rational intelligence, who already prefigured science as it would be conceived later in the Occident. The Greeks honoured her as a powerful goddess who's responsibility was to watch over the health of living creatures. Not only man and all animals were also the focus of her caregiving. She is the one who covertly suggested to one and to others the right choices of foods necessary for their existence, as well as the appropriate remedies to cure their ailments. She somewhat personified life's instinct; by sustaining mortal forces, and even by preventing sickness, she saved her father from the obligations of continually intervening in order to alleviate or heal pain.