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Every fall I spent several hours in my tree and to run the woods to hunt moose and deer. I had the chance to use the GO PEE product you have created and which facilitates GREATLY my life. It is quite exceptional. Before using your product, I deprived myself to drink so that I was not obliged to come down from my tree in the moments when I considered that the expected animal could come visit me. So I held a natural desire that was becoming very uncomfortable and more, I returned often to my hunting season with a urinary tract infection. This is not very funny. But, here, since I started using your product, it is a pure bliss. This little wonder perfectly suits my needs in the fall period. What more to say than THANK YOU.

Fernande Guay

18_en_Beth Colvin

I was first introduced to Hygie products when my elderly mother was in a rehabilitation at Stella Maris and developed C-Diff.  I was impressed by their use of the products as a hygienic way of keeping the spread of this highly contagious disease.  It protects the patient, family members, and heath care professionals from transmitting it as well.  When mom was released from the Stella Maris we tried a competitor’s product, but it did not match up to the quality of Hygie bedpan covers.  I now care for my mother, along with nursing help and we could not live without them.

Beth Colvin

10 en Kimberly Presta

In my opinion, the Hygie company has provided the units in my hospital with a safer method of disposal of bodily waste, which our facility was definitely in search of. The liner insert and bag system is a very clever technique that eliminates the potential harm from spray that the traditional hoppers were known for. Hygie bedpans and commodes were purchased and have been excellent products that were implemented with ease for the use of all the nurses, PSWs and RPNs.

Since we started using the Hygie liners, there have been fewer spills and staff complaints. The commode is a safe product that rolls in all directions and has an excellent brake system. Extremely user-friendly!

The training provided to the staff was excellent and extremely flexible given that we operate 24 hours a day. Our sales rep always showed compassion and concern for the staff. The staff would often bring forward issues they had had previously with other systems and felt they could express themselves to him. Their concerns were validated.

Toileting patients in healthcare facilities comes with many issues; however, it is nice to have a product that has addressed many of them.


Kimberly Presta RN ICP>
Infection Control Practitioner
William Osler Health Systems, Etobicoke Site

12 en Ghislaine Dubé

Hygie’s Wash Gloves are very useful for providing personal care to our bedridden patients. They enable us to wash patients comfortably from their beds, without the inconvenience and potential mess of using water. The gloves are odorless and gentle on skin, so our patients feel comfortable and refreshed.

Ghislaine Dubé

11 en Brigitte Huppé

In our school, the VOM supports and hygienic covers are very useful when sick children have to wait in the office for their parents to arrive. They help prevent unpleasant odors and cleanups. Parents are always pleased to see the products and to be able to bring them along for the ride home. 

Brigitte Huppé Administrative Assistant South Shore elementary school

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Hygie’s hygienic bags have been a great help to childcare workers like me. They have enabled us to minimize the mess and reduce the amount of unpleasant cleanups required when children get sick and vomit without much warning. 

Linda Gouin

CPE Thetford Mines

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Having limited resources and a very busy staff, we recently started using Hygie’s Pre-moistened Wash Gloves—much to the delight of our residents! The gloves make it possible to thoroughly wash someone in just a few minutes, allowing us to provide each resident with better hygiene and quality of life. 

Lucile Fradette


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The Hygie Pre-moistened Wash Gloves are ultra handy when I go to the gym because they are pre-soaked in lotion. No need for water or soap—I love the simplicity of this product.

Ann Dubuc

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When I was a nurse, I would have greatly appreciated working with your products. I think they would have made my job much easier and increased my efficiency. I applaud your ongoing commitment to improving our hospital procedures. Hygie's safe and efficient products are more than welcome in our hospitals.

Gertrude M. – Québec

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An occupational therapist offered me one of your products for a trial. Since my father is very old, the therapist recommended we use your urinal support and bag to reduce the need for nighttime trips to the bathroom. This also diminished his risk of falling. I loved this product and my father has made it an integral part of his lifestyle.

Manon R. – Saint-Hyacinthe 

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A few weeks ago my mother underwent a hip operation. Hygie's bedpan system was recommended by the hospital staff, given the fact she would be bedridden for several days. Although this was my first time using your product and I found it somewhat expensive, I have no regrets. It saved me from all the hassles normally associated with emptying and cleaning bedpans.

Robert C. – Magog 

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I just read an article in the Innovation section of the Les Affaires newspaper. Having personally "camped out" at the Charles-LeMoyne on three separate occasions in 2007-2008, to be with my father and my brother, I can attest that the risk situations referred to in the article are indeed a sad reality in today's hospitals. For those who choose a home care recovery, access to such products would greatly improve the tasks of both patients and caregivers.
Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

Lise Laplante – Director, PRÉVENTEX 

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Hygie’s hygienic bags significantly reduce stool handling and bedpan cleaning as well as the risk of C. difficile transmission.

Johanne Desrosiers
Advisor Product Evaluation

CSSS Saint-Jérôme

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Several staff members indicated that they really like the new Hygie bag because it prevents the risk of splashing themselves when dumping urine or feces. Some units have started using the Hygie bag on all patients requiring a bedpan, rather than just for specific indications, to prevent passing infections to other patients. In addition, it has reduced the odor in patient care areas associated with frequent handling of stool and bedpans.

Faye Brekelmans, BScN, CIC
Infection Control Practitioner

London Health Sciences Center